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What kind of charging hardware does BYTON offer?

We are developing a set of AC and DC charging hardware to enable users to charge comfortable and fast at home, at the workplace and on-the-go. With the 3-phase BYTON 22kW Wallbox or Mobile Charger, you will be able to recharge the M-Byte in 4.5 hours, whereas a 150kW DC station found on most motorways will take less than 40 minutes (0-80%). 

What is the range of BYTON M-Byte?

There will be three range options. The rear-wheel drive version with regular battery (72 kWh) offers 224 miles of WLTP range and 286 miles with extended battery (95kWh). The all-wheel drive version with extended battery (95kWh) offers 270 miles.(needs to change to EPA cycle numbers). 

Will we have a 360-degree camera for M-Byte (production car) ?

Yes. 360-degree surround view camera system will be offered for Advanced Driver Assistance System on M-Byte (production car).

What the texture of BYTON Stage? Is it safe in case accident happen?

The screen of BYTON Stage is liquid crystal display (LCD) as the technology is more mature and the production yield is better, compared with OLED screen. In order to ensure safety, more stable and safe LCD screen will be used.